Upcoming Events

Our Utility partners-Southern California Edison and the Southern California Gas Company, sponsor numerous events and workshops for their customers. For a list of these events, please visit their respective web sites. 


Save energy and money. 

Get FREE energy-efficient products and installation with Direct Install!

The Direct Install program is an excellent way for your business to reduce energy costs and save money. This effortless program provides qualifying businesses with FREE energy-efficient products, FREE installation and long-term energy savings. After your free evaluation, your contractor may recommend one or more of the following low- or no-cost products: 

ED Lights — Today’s LED lights have great energy savings potential in many applications and have improved product life compared to incandescent lamps.
Fluorescent Lighting — Save on lighting costs every month and help lower your cooling costs!
Hi-Bay Lighting — Save on Hi-Bay lighting electricity costs with equivalent linear fluorescent lights.
Refrigeration — Door closers to improve the energy- efficient operation of your refrigeration equipment.
LED Signs (open) — Save on signage electricity costs by using LED signs.

Take the opportunity to participate this year and let us know you are interested, this program might not be back in the area for another few years. To see approximately when your Direct Install Contractor, CRI Lighting & Electrical, will be in our area, please view the enclosed Direct Install Community Calendar.


Learn how other business owners lowered their energy usage with Direct Install by visiting www.sce.com/sbd then click on Direct Install. Call VCREA Staff today to find out if your business is eligible: (805) 654-3834.