Municipal Services

The Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance is committed to helping our local government partners achieve the greatest possible greenhouse gas and energy consumption reduction. We work to help you identify savings opportunities and prioritize projects so that less of your budget goes toward paying utility bills, and more goes toward supporting your mission.
The following programs are being pursued by the VCREA to assist local government agencies to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency and savings:
What We Offer

Free Energy Audits

VCREA can provide no-cost, no-obligation facility audits to determine and prioritize savings opportunities. Upon completion of an audit, your facility will receive an Energy and Cost Savings Report detailing potential project cots, available rebates, energy savings, greenhouse gas emission reductions, and estimated payback period.
Incentives & Rebates

The Ventura Partnership Program offers enhanced incentives for energy efficiency projects- higher amounts than going directly through the utility.
VCREA will assist our partners in the preparation and submission of all documentation required to receive rebate and incentive payments for any project work undertaken in the program.
Financing Assistance
VCREA will assist our partners in securing funding and low-interest financing options needed to implement prioritized energy projects. Currently, there are several zero-and low-interest loans available to assist you in your upgrades.
Our Local Government Partners can take advantage of Retro-commissioning programs offered through the partnership. Experienced engineers will work with you to identify cost-effective ways to optimize your building's performance and help you save on energy costs.
Demand Reduction

Municipal entities can save big on utility expenses through implementation of a demand reduction strategy designed to reduce consumption at peak periods. VCREA provides consultations and information on these program offerings.
Energy Policies
VCREA works with public agencies to develop and adopt policies and ordinances that encourage energy efficiency in all sectors of the community potentially resulting in savings of millions of dollars in energy costs. By example, VCREA could work with local public housing authorities, hospitals and water agencies to assist with specific policies that promote energy efficiency.
Training, Education and Outreach

VCREA can help your city and community assess the types of energy efficiency training and seminars that would help municipal staff, industry professionals, and local residents save energy. We work directly with the utilities to facilitate training and classes offered locally. We also sponsor and participate in local community outreach events to inform the public on energy conservation.
Automated Benchmarking Service allows continual, automatic monitoring of monthly usage data. VCREA can help measure and track energy performance online to get a better idea of where to focus your energy-efficiency efforts.
Quarterly Energy Analysis
VCREA staff utilizes the Portfolio Manager tool to update municipal staff on government facility energy use on a quarterly basis. These quarterly reports allow staff to monitor changes in energy use and compare facility energy use against a national benchmark of similar facility types. VCREA staff are available to provide in-depth customized energy reports on a per-request basis.