VCREA is a Joint Powers Agency composed of public agencies working in collaboration to address good energy stewardship through integrated demand side management practices in the Ventura County region.

VCREA Mission Statement

To establish Ventura County, its communities and neighboring regions as the leader
in developing and implementing durable, sustainable energy initiatives that support sensible growth, healthy environment and economy, enhanced quality of life and greater self-reliance for the region by:

  • Reducing energy demand and increasing energy efficiency and 
  • Advancing the use of clean, efficient and renewable local resources.


1. Lead and coordinate regional integrated energy resource planning.
2. Develop a long-term, sustainable energy strategy and implementation plan.
3. Develop regional capability to respond to energy emergencies and short-term disruptions.
4. Increase awareness of and access to conservation, efficiency, and renewable opportunities.
5. Add value to, but not duplicate, services offered by public utilities and other regional providers.
6. Inform decision makers and stakeholders of energy policy, regulatory, and market changes.
7. Empower Ventura to lead RD&D, innovation and commercialization of sustainable energy technologies.